Karina Hilllestad



Conceptual strategist. Expert generalist. Human interaction specialist.

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* I work with websites, information architecture, ux-writing, strategy and writing.

* I deliver quality on time. I don´t start a job before I have asked all the questions on how to best solve the challenge.

* I love reading, thinking, writing, taking photos, editing movies, making music and mixing it all up in interactive presentations: 

* I run Wondratwork with Kristin Aase. We write, coach and speak on teams, leadership and personalities.




Karina is the "go-to-girl" when it comes to digital and social. She has 24/7 overview of what is out there when it comes to new technology, trends and cultural emerging new behaviors!

* intelligent, marked oriented, updated, sees the big picture, always delivers!

* digitally skilled, enthusiastic, dedicated!

* conceptual, creative, sensing trends, energetic, positive!

* brings energy, a strong idea resource, always updated on the newest trends!

* strategic, visual, creative, strong willingness to push through, fast! 

* competent, talented, pleasant! 

* knowledgable, solution focused, professional, fun!

* crisp, professional, creative and competent - Yeah, this pretty much sums her up!